Plumbing issues be it a leaky tap, blocked pipes are almost always of an emergency nature and can lead up to major damage if not tended to on time. Fenning General Contracting provides fast and reliable emergency plumbing services. With the rise in DIY repairs, it is not wrong to mention that for plumbing issues the best strategy to avoid property damage is to hire a professional with years of experience and the right tools.


At Fenning General Contracting, we provide comprehensive plumbing services including:

Plumbing Repairs

We understand the urgency of plumbing mishaps; Be it a small leak to a major plumbing issue, we are there at your service. Our contractors employ the best tools and latest technology for all their plumbing jobs.


Plumbing Maintenance


The best way to avoid major plumbing emergencies is regular plumbing maintenance. We have a long list of residential and commercial plumbing services that covers repairs and installation of a wide variety of plumbing appliances. We are there for you whether you require major plumbing maintenance or a small maintenance job.


Plumbing upgrades


With the advancement in every facet of science, plumbing appliances are also changing at a fast pace. The newer plumbing appliances are more durable. The best to prevent recurring plumbing mishaps is to upgrade old plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers are well trained in replacing and upgrading old plumbing fixtures and infrastructure.


Fixture Installation


Thinking about upgrading the look of your kitchen or bathroom with new and trendy fixtures? Our plumbers are experts in providing fast and reliable fixture installations. 


Commercial plumbing


Commercial plumbing is very different from residential buildings and is complex. Our plumbers are experts when it comes to commercial plumbing, they understand the nuances of commercial plumbing. We provide plumbing solutions for commercial businesses like restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, and more.


Emergency Plumbing


Plumbing emergencies should be addressed as soon as possible. Delaying repairs in case of water damage or flooding can lead up to mold and irreversible damage to your property. Even small mishaps like leaking pipes can cause major financial loss if left unattended. In plumbing mishaps, quick action can save up a lot of money and headache. 


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