Exterior & Siding

Exterior & Siding

New siding enhances curb appeal and gives your home an updated look, and it also protects your home against moisture damage and weather. Choosing quality siding is important.

Your Home siding is a very important aspect of your Home that many take for granted. Your Home’s curb appeal is a very important part of your home value. Also, your siding plays an important role in your home’s energy efficiency and protection against bad weather.

At Fenning General Contracting, we are passionate about bringing effectiveness and comfort to your home while also thinking about the value each one of our services and products will represent to our customers.

With our certified installers for a variety of siding brands suitable for every taste, need, and budget. We’re a family-operated business that prides itself in building long-term relationships with every single one of our customers and team members.

Contact us for a free quote and consultation pertaining to your home, business, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial needs.


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