Carpet Cleaning


Our process

We employ heavy-duty cleaners to remove the dust and pollutants that do not get removed with regular vacuum cleaning. Pet hair, fibers, and certain scents get logged in the carpet hair fibers and can only be removed with professional steam cleaning services or hot water extraction services.

Steam cleaning or Hot water extraction services:

  1. Soap solution compatible with the carpet fiber is sprayed on the carpet 
  2. Embedded pollutants in the carpet are then extracted out of the carpet
  3. Deodorizer or carpet protectant are applied if requested
  4. The last step is grooming the carpet
When to get your carpets professionally cleaned?

  1. Allergies: Increased incidents of allergies or breathing issues such as asthma indicate that the carpet has trapped dirt or dust and requires professional carpet cleaning
  2. Staining: Carpets with stains are an unpleasant sight. If the stains are not coming off by at-home cleaning then it is time to call us to get rid of these stubborn stains by steam cleaning
  3. Lingering odors: It’s time to get your carpets deeply cleaned if unpleasant odors are emitting from the carpet
  4. Regular cleaning: Like any other fabric carpets also need deep cleaning once in a while, annual or semi-annual carpet cleaning will not only keep elongating the life of the carpet but will also keep allergies at bay.

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